Funny stories

The funny story is a narrative centered on a small type of event or adventure.

In a quiet Small town near the green slowly is rarely what happens. However, if nothing happens, make sure to pinch possession urban mascots. Before the bar so stand Anton, Tiny, Mile, behind the bar and serving them with one ear listening to the waitress home. Anton: Guys, I do not understand nothing. On the television talking about deleted people. But these are the ones who are at the time when it was dangerous and even obdurate, delete the south or anyone ?
Waitress: I'll tell you which it is. These are some that are not ones, they may not be too much. Well, they would want to be ours, if we pay them anything.

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Freedom, which has no restrictions may be in extreme turns into anarchy. You agree? No? No matter, democracy is also about all possible and impossible anywhere speak freely, relaxed and smooth. Obstacles, let alone the blockade and censorship, people in this small town do not like. That is a small town set of islets of freedom, it does not satisfy itself that there is everything as it should be. We are no locks? Oh, no! They blockages are everywhere, most of them in the heads. And these are insurmountable blockade. But they are blocked at hidden places. Where? Read this!

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