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MEMBERSHIP in the Online communication association "Talk & Trust", (short: Association T & T)

  • access to the most popular content (LOVE & SEX STORIES) in its members. Membership is obtained by completing the Application Form and pay an annual fees EUROS 20.00 or US $ 20.00;
  • each member of the Association T & T, which entered a new member, the association shall reimburse EUROS 10.00 or. 10,00 US $ as a recognized travel costs incurred in the process of entering a new member. Since the reimbursement of travel expenses are not charged tax! Reimbursement of expenses will be charged on a monthly basis for the reimbursement of at least EUROS 50.00 or US $ 50.00 or acquired four new members. Entering the new members is therefore a good opportunity; take advantage of you will not be sorry!
    At each calculation we send super gift (wonderful product from jade or beautiful shells or nice t-shirt).
    Reimbursement of expenses it will be levied every year from all subscriptions that you have entered, and from which they were paid the membership fee. For clarification, we are available at;
  • the new members may also register via registered your own company and send monthly the invoice in accordance with contract concluded by the post;
  • when someone will acquire more than 1,000 new members, as will our "The Crew" annually receive rewards in the form of tourist travel in value at least EUR 1,000.00 oz.1.000,00 US $;
  • whoever enters a new member, has a position as a MENTOR and will get ½ of value membership fee in next years when membership fees will be paid;
  • individual or company wishing to gain new members for the silly-site and expand the business, you can provide a special license exclusive right to sell services in the countries covered by, and thus participates in the annual circulation subscriptions.

We believe that we can gain many new friends for a long time and all over the world and becoming a large, happy and prosperous family.

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General Manager:
Franc Curhalek, lawyer


MEMBERSHIP in the Online communication association "Talk & Trust", (short: Association T & T) is EXCELLENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.