Aphorism is short, concentrated thought, which is a common experience, a rule or wishdom, showing a humorous manner and degree of intelligence.

Extreme example of jealousy is when a lady is jealous, because the tree has a better posture then she does.

When old men brag they are going to chase young women the question is, what if they don't want to run?

Democracy is when anyone can tell you to fuck off and you decide where to go..

The recipe for a long life is a glass of wine a day. The question is at what age to start?

If there will be a fight I want to be in the bigger group.

If you are fucked by all, it is not a gang rape. The error was when you turned your back on them.


MEMBERSHIP in the Online communication association "Talk & Trust", (short: Association T & T) is EXCELLENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.