About us

  • Online communication association TALK & TRUST (short: Association T&T) was founded in 2009. In the past 7 years, we have successfully worked primarily in the fields of entertainment content on the Internet. In the association we want to develop especially entertaining and funny content for our friends, members and customers from all over the world.
  • This has resulted in an entertaining and humorous website www.silly-site.com as a kind of humorous internet newspaper. We are pleased that we can broadest circle of Internet users offer moments of fun and laughter.
  • Our members and our staff are helpful and we appreciate that we can and we are very grateful for their work and assistance. We are aware that we are only at the beginning, but we are well aware that people need more and more fun and funny web page to forget their everyday worries. We promise that we will do everything to become even better, of course, all of this for you.
  • In addition to entertaining and funny content in future with the development of side we added some games in order to make our site www.silly-site.com even more interesting and recognizable.
  • We believe that we can gain many new friends and regular members for a long time and all over the world and becoming a large, happy family.
  • We have also included business opportunities (for each business ...), because we know that every penny as it comes. Become a member and together we will be able to develop our website.
  • We invite individuals and businesses to become our partners and co-owners.

The information about us:

  • e-mail: info@silly-site.com
  • website: www.silly-site.com

General manager:
Franc Curhalek, lawyer


MEMBERSHIP in the Online communication association "Talk & Trust", (short: Association T & T) is EXCELLENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.